Monday, May 21, 2007

Dark Matter, Missing Planets, Big Bang, Faster than Light

Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets (Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illuminated) by Tom van Flandern.

From the frontspiece:
The First Cosmology

"The world is not flat, as it appears, but round, like a ball."
"Then what holds the world up?"
"The great god Atlas holds the world on his shoulders."
"But what does Atlas stand on?"
"He stands on a huge island."
"But on what does the island rest?"
"It rests on the back of a giant turtle."
"But what..."
"No need to ask further. It's turtles all the way down!"
"Modern cosmology [and physics] has discovered several new turtles in the chain, for which achievement it is very proud of itself. But what if the world is not held on the shoulders of the great god Atlas?"
From the preface:
"Something is wrong with science -- fundamentally wrong. Theories just keep getting stranger and stranger."
Van Flandern is an accredited astronomer. He addresses the problems of the "Big Bang" theory and relativity and proposes his own fascinating alternatives.

If you think the conventional wisdom of the "Big Bang", where time and space start from nothing, is a bit bizarre, note that it essentially derives from theology, not science. Van Flandern offers convincing arguments for his theories. If you have any interest in science, cosmology, astronomy, you will find it a fascinating read.

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  1. September 5, 2007

    These are some legitimate questions which the scientific community have to address regarding the mind body problem.

    1. How can mind invisibly function in the visible physical realm, unless it is also physical?

    2. If it is physical why should it not be structured according to known physical laws?

    3. Will non-electromagnetic matter particles account for the invisible mind as Dark Matter makes
    up for the missing mass of the universe? Could they be the axions of the String Theory?

    4. Can there be Dark Chemical Bondsand dark Chemistries involving Axion configurations
    (Duets, Octets) and Axion spins as in ordinary chemical bonds?

    5. Will gravitons (negative and positive) substitute for electric charges in that Dark Chemistry

    6. Could there be three different Axions (Types I, II & III) of negligible mass, but corresponding
    to electron, proton and neutron respectively?

    7. Could it be that plants have only Type I Axion, and animals only Types I & II?

    8. Could it be that Humans have all the three Types of Axions such that an Axion
    hierarchy of atoms, molecules, cells, organs and an axion body coupled parallel to the
    visible body exist?

    9. Could it be that the dark axion bodies in animals and in plants are incomplete and unstable?

    10. Could this be the reason that plants emit the most number of biophotons and humans the

    11. Could this be an evidence for the theory that axions interact with ordinary attoms to produce
    coherent low energy photons?

    12. Could it then be surmised that there is an invisible homo sapiens coupled parallel to the
    visible human body?

    13. Could that be an adequate explanation of extensively reported paranormal and psychic
    phenomena in humans and their absence in plants and animals?

    14. Could it be that Humans can influence plants and animals through the axion interactions?

    15. Could this explain the vast taxonomic differences in spite of the close genomic similarities?

    16. Are the following references meaningful?

    Chemical bonds and ordinary chemistries involve not only charges, but spin and configurations (Octet,Duet) of electrons. Axions are Dark Matter particles of negligible mass. Three types of axions with three different masses may exist each corresponding to electron, proton and neutron. Possibly with negative and positive gravitons(or an unknown force)and spins these axions may lead to a Dark Aufbau and dark Chemistry. A Dark Hierarchy may exist consisting of Dark Atoms, Dark Molecules, Dark Compounds, Dark Cells and Dark Organisms.

    The clearly observable taxonomic differences inspite of the close genomic similarities may be accounted for as follows: Type 1 Axions may be universally present across the taxa. Type II Axions may be present in animals and humans only, not in plants. Type III Axions may be present only in Humans.

    Thus, only humans will have a complete hierarchy of Dark Bodies resulting in the INVISIBLE HOMO SAPIENS existing parallel to the visible human body. Animals will have less complete and plants the least complete form of Dark Bodies. Biophoton Emission seems to support this, plants emitting about 10 times more than animals. There are theoretical grounds to show that biophoton emission is a consequence of dark matter interaction with elementary particles. The binding capcity of axions to the visible atoms may exponentially increase with each addition of the axion type, making human dark cells 3^3 = 9 times more stable than plant dark cells.

    These findings have been published in recent Noetic Journal and NeuroQuantology Journal cited below.

    1. Mind Matter 2. Dark Chemistry or Psychic Spin Pixels?
    3. Dark Matter& Dark Chemistry

    Can AI/ComputerBrain be conscious?
    Can Animals and Plants be Conscious?

    1. NeuroQuantology Journal, June, 2007 Dark Chemistry or Psychic Spin Pixels, ibid September, 2007, for Dark Matter & Dark Chemistry).


    Noetic Journal (Vol 4, # 4, October 03, Nobelist Sir John Eccles Centennial Edition).


    Panpsychism is inevitable in ORDINARY MATERIALISM, if consciousness is a product of ORDINARY MATTER, because ordinary matter is ubiquitous. Panpsychism is not necessarily inevitable in EXTRAORDINARY MATERIALISM where consciousness is a joint product of EXTRAORDINARY MATTER (dark matter for example) interacting with ORDINARY MATTER. Here there is the possibility that plants can differ from animals and animals from humans, in their dark-matter compositions. Such differences are empirically observable.

    The Platonic ineffable form will not be adequate to explain consciousness. However, there is no need to separate the engine from the energy, or Piaget's cognitive constructs from actual physical structures, if the Aristotelian forms are *real*. There seems to be a scientific basis for the reality of these forms (as invisible but real physical configurations, if dark matter and possibly dark chemistry are also taken into consideration), which is brought out in a recent Noetic Journal article (Vol 4, # 4, October 03, (Neuro Scientist & Nobelist Sir John Eccles Centennial Edition).

    and for Periodic Table of Personalities