Thursday, July 24, 2008

ABCs of Income Tax Avoidance, by Floyd Wright

From the back cover of ABCs of Income Tax Avoidance:

Do Not File Another 1040 Tax Form, Until You've Read This Book and: Beat the IRS? I Did!, also by Floyd Wright.

From the Foreword:

Asset protection.
Bankers, blackmail and bribery.
Change your attitude and status.

These are the ABCs of Income Tax Avoidance. The following pages will indicate a number of methods by which the reader can protect his or her wealth from the money grabbers. There will be a few clues to indicate the bankers are the real source of our problems. And the bankers use of their money in the form of blackmail and bribery of Congress is almost certain. Finally, it will be pointed out that a change in your former beliefs and a change in your economic arrangements with your government is necessary for successful Income Tax Avoidance.

Table of Contents:

The Enemy
Mouth Control
Beginning Homework
Asset Protection
Wage Earner Info
Changing Attitude & Status
First Use
An Offensive Tactic
A Final Word

More book reviews. More about the ABCs of Tax Avoidance.

ABCs of Income Tax Avoidance is available from Amazon:
ABCs of Income Tax Avoidance by Floyd Wright

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