Sunday, July 13, 2008

Born Again Republic, by Red Beckman

About Red Beckman's Born Again Republic:

Fear of the I.R.S. permeates our society. Our government consumes over half the wealth produced by our productive people. The hard-working citizen is forced to pay and pay as government becomes an insane monster.

We, the people, did this to ourselves. The I.R.S. has no power to send a taxpayer to jail. The people are called for jury duty and it is the guilty verdict of that jury which gave the I.R.S. its power to terrorize and abuse.

Can we find one good, informed, and hard-headed citizen on each and every jury who will say 'NOT GUILTY', 'NOT GUILTY' until he either hangs the jury or educates the rest of the jury?

Will you vote on the jury to protect your fellow citizens from bad law written by dishonest politicians? Will you vote yourself free of fear and big government? Your vote on the jury is your most important vote. Vote for 'We the People'.

Born Again Republic Table of Contents:

What Revolution?
Democracy vs. Constitutional Republic
Laws & More Laws
The Brain Scrubbers
The Pious Puppets
The Sugar Daddies and the Free Lunch Syndrome
The Selected Figurehead
Rehabilitate the Judges
The Fear Peddlers
The Montana Story
Let No One Blame Another
Declaration of Independence
United States Constitution
Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto
While People Sleep
Red's Testimony on I.R.S. Abuses
Divide, Separate and Conquer

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