Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Law v. Freedom, by Anthony L. Hargis

About Anthony L. Hargis' Law v. Freedom:

Most everyone in the liberty movement has a plan for eventually establishing a free market; they all require that everyone be free at the same time -- whether they want to be or not. Have you any idea how long you must wait for everyone to be persuaded of freedom's advantages?

According to the standard plan for establishing a free market, you'll be dead before it happens.

If you can't wait this long ... [Hargis] tells you how to increase your freedom now ... whether everyone wants us to or not.

Partial Table of Contents for Law v. Freedom:

Insanity v Sanity
The Impotence of the Freedom Movement
The Foundation of Freedom
The Individual
The Business Enterprise
The Free Market Business Trust
Gold Accounting
The Market and Social Consequences of a Free Market Trust
The Society
The Common Law
The Power of a Jury: Judges of Law
Who Shall Build a Free Market?

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Law v. Freedom is available from Amazon Books:
Law v. Freedom, by Anthony L. Hargis
Law v. Freedom, by Anthony L. Hargis

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