Friday, July 18, 2008

The Reluctant Taxpayer, by William L. Raby and Carl Riblet, Jr.

From the Back Cover:

Have you ever entertained the wild possibility of saying NO to the tax collector? Well, it's not as farfetched as you might think.

The Reluctant Taxpayer explains when and how to fight the IRS, and what appeals procedures are available. It reveals the kind of deductions and exemptions that are considered reasonable and warns of others that are sure to cause trouble.

The Reluctant Taxpayer Table of Contents:

The Taxpayer's Position
What's Sauce for the Goose
The People Who Work for IRS
You and the IRS Agent
Your Rights in a Tax Fight
Where and How to Sue IRS
Whose Income Is It?
A Matter of Principle
Unique Tax Arguments
When Gifts Are Income
Medical Expenses
Using the Tax Power to Punish
Tax Cheats and Fraud
Divorce and Taxes
Charitable Deductions
The IRS Does Not Respect Age
Real Estate
The Capital Gains Struggle
The Special Agent
Offers in Compromise
Procedures for Appeal
Tax Court of the United States

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The Reluctant Taxpayer is available for sale at Amazon:
The Reluctant Taxpayer by William L. Raby and Carl Riblet, Jr.

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