Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand

About Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead:

The Fountainhead "... is the story of an intransigent young architect, of his violent battle against the world's standards and conventions, and of his explosive love affair with a beautiful woman who loved him passionately, yet struggled to defeat him."

The Fountainhead
"... is based on a challenging belief in the importance of selfishness, on the provocative idea that man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress. It is chiefly the story of Howard Roark, Architect -- a man whose sole aim in life was to build, and to build not in the tradition of the past but only in the tradition of Howard Roark."

"Ellsworth Toohey, champion of the downtrodden, was one of the few people who understood Roark and was smart enough to know why he wanted Roark destroyed. Ellsworth Toohey's characterization in The Fountainhead is a beautifully achieved picture of the inherent viciousness in apparently benign humanitarianism."

"Dominique Franchon understood Roark and loved him, but she too tried once to destroy him."

"These are [some of] the important characters of a truly great book. Ayn Rand has written a dramatic, action-filled book of tremendous scope against a fascinating background of a profession heretofore little described in fiction."

"Brilliantly written and daringly original, here is a novel about a hero -- and about those who tried to destroy him."

The Fountainhead Table of Contents:

Peter Keating

Ellsworth M. Toohey

Gail Wynand

Howard Roark

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