Monday, July 21, 2008

The Kingdom of Moltz, by Irwin Schiff

The Kingdom of Moltz -- Inflation Explained Simply:

Cover text includes "About Inflation and Where it Comes From", "Puzzled by Inflation? This Book Proves that any 10 Year Old can Explain Where Inflation Comes from and Why".

Cartoon book written by Irwin Schiff and illustrated by Andrew Ice. Especially suitable for children as well as adults.

From the Back Cover:

Puzzled by inflation? This book proves that any 10 year old can explain where inflation comes from and why!

From the Introduction:

To write of "inflation" is to write of people's infinite capacity to be tricked by politicians.

More understanding inflation books. More about The Kingdom of Moltz by Irwin Schiff.

Irwin Schiff's The Kingdom of Moltz is available from Amazon at:
The Kingdom of Moltz by Irwin Schiff

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