Monday, July 14, 2008

Clichés of Socialism, by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Leonard E. Read

About Cliches of Socialism, from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE):
Failure to answer socialistic clichés has effectively silenced many a spokesman for freedom.

Clichés of Socialism is a collection of suggested answers to some of the most common arguments used in favor of socialism today.

From the Frontspiece:

When a devotee of private property, free market, limited government principles states his position, he is inevitably confronted with a barrage of socialistic clichés. Failure to answer these has effectively silenced many a spokesman for freedom.

Here are suggested answers to some of the most persistent of the "Clichés of Socialism." These are not the only answers or even the best possible answers; but they may help you or others to develop better explanations of the ideas on liberty that are the only effective displacement for the empty promises of socialism.

Partial Table of Contents for Cliches of Socialism:

The more complex the society, the more government control we need
If we had no social security, many people would go hungry
The government should do for the people what the people are unable to do for themselves
The right to strike is conceded, but ...
Too much government? Just what would you cut out?
The size of the national debt doesn't matter because we owe it to ourselves
Why, you'd take us back to the horse and buggy
The free market ignores the poor
Man is born for cooperation, not competition
Americans squander their incomes on themselves while public needs are neglected
Labor unions are too powerful today, but were useful in the past
We have learned to counteract and thus avoid any serious depression
Human rights are more important than property rights
... and many more more essays ...
The Authors of Clichés of Socialism:
These answers to various socialistic clichés are by authors such as Leonard E. Read, Paul L. Poirot, Murray N. Rothbard, Hans F. Sennholz, R. C. Hoiles, Robert LeFevre, W. M. Curtiss, Roland W. Holmes, Dean Russell, Thomas J. Shelly, Henry Hazlitt, W. C. Mullendore, Harold Brayman, Benjamin A. Rogge, Willis H. Hall, Jack Morano.

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Cliches of Socialism is available in various editions from Amazon, including:
Cliches of Socialism
The Law and Cliches of Socialism

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